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You wake up with a sore throat and just feel under the weather in general…  not good!

You have a big day ahead and no time to get sick. What now? 

The normal response would be to call the doctor for an appointment and suck on a few strepsils while drinking your  morning coffee.  The body has the ability to heal itself if given the right environment and in this case your body is under attack, most probably from a Strep or EBV virus.

Your job is to listen and pay attention. If your lymph glands are swollen and you are very tired you need to get tested for the Epstein Barr virus. If you are more fluish with the sore throat, pathology could pick up Streptococcus.

Wait.. you don’t have time,  you are busy. So let's skip all the testing and just make up some magic herbal medicine to get rid of this once and for all.
A friend were totally gobsmacked by how quickly they worked and asked for the recipe so here it is my dear friend,  Kris.
Remember they are great for a sore tummy as well.



1 part Slippery elm powder
1 part Marshmallow root powder
2 parts Licorice root powder
Few drops of peppermint tincture



Mix all the powders together in a bowl.
Add essential oil and honey till they are sticky enough to be rolled into little balls.
Cover with slippery elm powder to prevent sticking to each other.
Keep in fridge for immediate use and they also freeze well.

Herbs can be bought from your local health shop and here at the Bayside our health shop at Victoria point shopping centre usually have them in stock.

If you learn better by example then I can do a workshop on this at your home.


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