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Food Workshop

Food glorious food! We all love it. Why do we have such a complicated relationship with it then? Food is nourishment, food is fun and enjoyable.
Food is grandma’s apple pie on a Sunday afternoon. Food is life!

After 5 years of studying nutrition and natural medicine I thought I knew it all. Only problem was the few kilos that wouldn’t budge. I realized it's time
to have a talk with my body. What do you want? The reply I got back was.. to stop eating foods that are not working for us. After some research, I
found the 500 hair test -- which basically tests for compatibility with food, cleaning products, supplements and even shampoo and toothpaste.

It appeared that 80% of the food I consumed on a daily basis was not compatible to my body. The doona feather had to go and most probably
caused the restless sleep I struggled with. The extra weight melted off and I felt happy as ever. My digestion almost changed overnight and the
texture of my skin went from big pores and flaky to smooth and silky. This was the magic test I was looking for.

Maybe you have the same problem? Maybe you just need to tweak your diet a little bit to get your best results. Best of all, I can work out a
diet --down to the very recipes!-- for you, with a meal plan included.

Host your own food workshop to learn how you can  support your health and wellness. You can choose to have this workshop at home with family
and friends or at The Cage Youth Foundation.

For  6-10 people in attendance for each workshop, we can provide the following:

  • Professional invitations for you to hand out to family & friends
  • Help organising a facebook event on your facebook page
  • A lucky door prize
  • A host gift pack for your hard work
  • Free consultation for yourself
  • A bonus gift for anyone from the class books a class on the day

What you can do to make your class a hit!!

  • Personally invite family & friends, not just on a Facebook event or group chat!
  • Make some healthy snacks with coffee and tea or drinks option
  • Get RSVP's at least 3 days before the event begins

Let’s do this and have some fun while learning all about food and it's superpowers!

Please download and print the document below.


 Complete and bring with to your next consultation / workshop.

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