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What is Ozone: O3: tri-atomic oxygen: energized form of supercharged oxygen.

What happens in your body: Stabilize healthy cells and destroy sick, immature and deformed cells that is foreign like bacteria and viruses.

Chemically: Ozone: O2 + O1 = O3

Electrically: Ozone is Oxygen with a higher energy level.

The extra O molecule is highly reactive and act like a free radical scavenger in the body.

O2 is the most vital element required for good health.

Healthy cells loves O2 and diseased cells hates it. Aerobic vs anaerobic.

How does it work? When O3 enters the blood, it is mainly converted into hydrogen peroxide and other beneficial free radical scavengers. They seek and destroy diseased cells where the cell wall is damaged and easy to penetrate. Diseased cells have low enzyme activity and this is how it is recognized.


  • Stimulate white cell production, T cells and B cells
  • Increase levels of interferon , cytokines and IL 2
  • Stimulate production of TNF: tumor necrosis factor
  • Kills fungi, candida, molds, viruses, bacteria
  • Antineoplastic: stop cells from dividing rapidly : tumors
  • Oxidizes arterial plaque and clear out blockages from arteries
  • Increased flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells
  • Burn 3000 kJ in one hour: 1 hour of running
  • Purge body from heavy metals, PCB’s and pesticides
  • Accelerate the Krebs cycle for more energy

What else can I do to assist my healing crisis:

  • Liver cleanses, colonics and enemas
  • Whole food diet packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Hydration: lots of clean, filtered water
  • Enzymes, probiotics, omega 3 and Q10


  • Take medication 4-6 hours prior to ozone ex, insulin
  • No alcohol 8 hours before ozone
  • No pregnant ladies
  • Take the pill 4 - 6h prior or you might become a pregnant lady!
  • No vitamin C 1 hour before the ozone session as it will destroy it all
  • No aspirin before ozone as the ozone will increase the working of aspirin by 100% and your blood will be really thin

In healthy cells the body burns glucose via glycolysis and we get energy from it.

In unhealthy cells the food ferments and turn into lactic acid and you only have ⅙ of energy.

You can only live 5 min without oxygen before you die. It is vital for survival and optimum health! Oxygen Therapy is a key to bring back oxygen into the body and optimise good health.

See this publised medical white paper for more information : Mechanisms of Action Involved in Ozone Therapy or download the article in PDF format : PDF

Patient Form - please print out and complete before 1st treatment.

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