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Scents often elicit memories and emotions from deep within us. From the perky citrus scent of your mother digging into an orange peel while preparing lunches to the comforting scent of fresh rosemary in a homemade chicken soup simmering in the slow cooker. Scents tell the story of your everyday life. The olfactory system in the brain is where all this occurs.

Essential oils appear again and again throughout history as a means for perfuming the world and as a natural, concentrated solutions for healthcare needs. Not only do certain oils create the distinct aroma of a particular plant, but they also play a role in the plants survival and participation in the chain of life.Archeologists discovered that King Tut’s tomb had been robbed twice: once for precious metals and the second time for embalming salves and cosmetics found in alabaster jars. How amazing is it that these oils were so valued and prized that thieves would break into the tomb of a pharaoh just to get their hands on them. We all know baby Jesus received frankincense and myrrh from the Wise Men along with gold.

Essential oils are supercharged and very efficient and cost effective. One drop of pure peppermint oil is the same as 28 glasses of peppermint tea. One drop will go a long way with it's super packed powers. It takes 50 lemons to create a 15ml bottle of lemon oil, but a drop of lemon essential oil has a lot more potency than what you would get from an entire lemon.

Since everyone is so interested in Essential oils nowadays I realize I just had to make it part of my workshops.One of my favourite uses of Essential oils are Peppermint oil on the temples for a headache. It literally can disappear within minutes if the person is not dehydrated since that can be the other culprit for a lot of headaches.

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