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Food is medicine and medicine is food. Famous words by Hippocrates, the Father of medicine. A good wholesome nutrient dense diet is the basis of all healing.

After spending 5 years studying nutrition and natural medicine, I thought I knew it all. Obviously not, since I just could not drop the extra kilos I’ve picked up over the last few year. Very frustrated I turned to the 500 Hair test to find an answer. The only one I struggled with was the feather doona I had to change.. but hey , anything for change.  Almost immediately I achieved excellent results.

Celery was my favourite go to snack but had to go! Sweet potato? Almost daily on the menu but was no good for me. I thought I‘d give it 6 months and test it for myself. What an experience. I lost 3 kilos within the first week and that has never happened before. My tummy was very happy and flat and I felt a calmness that I've never felt before. So maybe there is something in your diet that  is hindering you from having optimum health.

Book in for the 500 hair test to see what foods, shampoos, toothpaste and even cleaning products are best suitable for your body. This might just be the magic fix that you were looking for. Just look under bookings or send me an email now.

500 Hair Test :         $299


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