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My first experience with herbs was at the age of 3 when a Basotho women opened up shop next to my dad’s vet practice.
It contained all kinds of weird and wonderful herbs and potions and all her people came to her for help when in need instead
of going the normal way of doing by calling the doctor. This intrigued me.. I got fascinated with herbs and learned that herbs
was the normal medicine for a very long time and a lot of clinical medicine is just a pill version of herbs. Morphine is basically
the chemical version of the Opium flower.

Nowadays everyone use herbs in the kitchen. Cinnamon must be a favourite since Chai tea came on the scene again. What a
lot of people don't know is that this sweet aromatic spice is a great warming remedy to ward off winter's infections and
improves digestion. My favourite way of using it is as a tincture  in insulin resistance since it help to prevent glucose intolerance
that can lead to diabetes. It is also rich in magnesium and assist in hormonal balance. In a massage oil it relaxes aching muscles.
What a treat just from one herb.

Herbs can be used via the leaves, flowers, bark, berries, roots or seed as therapeutic tools. A herbs is any plant that has a medicinal
action in the body. The most affordable way is by drinking it  as a  tea and the strongest action is via a tincture.

Herbs rock! They are nature’s way of healing us naturally.


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