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Food glorious food!
We all love it. Why do we have such a complicated relationship with it then? Food is nourishment, food is fun and enjoyable. Food is grandma’s apple pie on a Sunday afternoon.
Food is life!

After 5 years of studying nutrition and natural medicine I thought I knew it all. Only problem was the few kilos that wouldn’t budge. I realized it's time to have a talk with my body. What do you want? The reply I got back was.. Stop eating foods that are not working for us. After some research, I found the 500 hair test --which basically tests for compatibility with food, cleaning products, supplements and even shampoo and toothpaste.

It appeared that 80% of the food I consumed on a daily basis was not compatible to my body. The doona feather had to go and most probably caused the restless sleep I struggled with. The extra weight melted off and I felt happy as ever. My digestion almost changed overnight and the texture of my skin went from big pores and flaky to smooth and silky. This was the magic test I was looking for.

Maybe you have the same problem? Maybe you just need to tweak your diet a little bit to get your best results. Best of all, I can work out a diet --down to the very recipes!-- for you, with a meal plan included.

To book for a workshop, please go to the Bookings Page.

Food is not the enemy.

Workshops at The Cage :

  • $45 per person

Workshops at your home:

  • $20 per person

Workshops at schools:

  • Free!!

Workshops - corporate:        

  • $300 :  lunch break
  • $500 :  2 hours
  • $995:   5 hours
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