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In this workshop I will teach you how to listen to your body. It is giving you cues and hints all the time…

We just don't listen anymore.
Too busy!
Too much work!
Too much noise.
Eventually it all comes crashing down when we end up in bed unable to move. How good will it be if you can just understand the cues your body gives you. If you do not pay attention, your body will get the message that you do not enjoy life and will try and get you out of here as quickly as possible.

Pain is there for our protection and if we can give it meaning we do not have to suffer. You do not have to be a long suffering patient. Rather take on the role of the responsible participant. Let the charcoal under pressure become a diamond that frees you from darkness and disability.

If we look at back issues we find very interesting contributing factors like carrying suppressed and unresolved emotions from the past. Feeling overwhelmed, unsupported and under too much pressure. The exact spot of pain can also tell a story. Upper back indicates carrying the world on your shoulders. Feeling stressed by everything that has to be done. Feeling unsupported by life and the people around you. Too much thinking and living in your head. Lower back is more about feeling insecure about how you will support yourself financially. Constant worry about survival and how to pay the bills. Unresolved anger from childhood. Feeling like a victim that is struggling, suffering and controlling.

Your thoughts, emotions and energy levels effect your health and your body’s wisdom does not have to be a secret anymore. It can be a powerful guide to transform every single area of your life. Just listen…

Book in now for this workshop and take back your health into your own hands.

To book for a workshop, please go to the Bookings Page.

Workshops at The Cage :

  • $45 per person

Workshops at your home:

  • $20 per person

Workshops at schools:

  • Free!!

Workshops - corporate:        

  • $300 :  lunch break
  • $500 :  2 hours
  • $995:   5 hours
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